At the beginning of the 90s Christophe Guillo takes over the exploitation of his vineyards which are then well damaged, and creates the Domaine des Meix. For five years, at the locality "Les Murgers des Dents de Chien" in the city of Saint-Aubin, he will work with his wife Patricia, to rejuvenate the vineyard, change the terrain and plant new plots. He became the biggest owner of this 1 st vintage with 1.75 ha in a single plot, having kept the oldest vines (1939) in Chardonnay and Pinot blanc and in particular that of Pinot Noir of 1956, which is unique in this area. terroir and thus claims a monopoly situation.


In 1995, he created with an associate, Domaine Le Bout du Monde, by buying two hectares of vineyards in the Bourgogne Haute Côte de Beaune and Bourgogne Grand Ordinaire appellation, in the "Cormot le Grand" valley west of Beaune. This area is then composed of 24 small parcels of vines. Through extensive grubbing work, then purchases and replantings, the estate now operates 6.5 hectares spread over five large plots.


In recent years, the estate has also purchased vines in Beaune appellation 1st Cru "Les Avaux", Beaune Lulune "Clos de la Fontaine", Pommard "Clos Beauder" and Saint-Romain "La Combe Bazin".


The Domaine des Meix and the Domaine Le Bout du Monde now farm almost 10 hectares of vines and entrust all the wine work to a company employing disabled workers.